vRF Development Board

A few months back I found out about a new MCU from Atmel ATMega128RFA1-ZU. What is different about this this MCU is that it has a RF- Microcontroller ( has a low Power Transceiver integrated) and so it only needs an antenna to create a wireless communication.Considering all this I decided to create a development board which can be used as an alternative to other developments boards already available on the  market especially for the RF enthusiasts. As you can see form the pictures below the board is already in testing phase with the PCB to be finalized and released in a few days and the firmware to come later this year.

An advantage to this could be that the already Zigbee module software or design the software yourself. I will provide working software for both the USB connection and the RF transceiver later on this year. Here are the schematics and some pictures. NOTE that all schematics are not final and could be changed as bugs/improvements are found.

Schematics ( will be released in DesignSpark alongside the PCB later on this month)

vRF_devBoard – Schematic

vRF_devBoard – Schematic 02

Some pictures with the testing board:



More projects and updates coming up this month as I am able to finish them.

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